DIY Frankincense Infused Oil

DIY Frankincense Infused Oil:

Frankincense resin is a very tricky resin to work with.  In order to infuse oils and make salves from it, it needs to be ground down as fine as possible.  The best way to do this is by first placing it in the freezer.  Take small batches out at a time and blend in a strong blender.  Once it starts heating up it will be hard to grind, so try and do it quickly.  Alternatively you can buy it already ground, but keep in mind that it will lose some of its volatile oils in this state.

To infuse an oil, I place about 1/3 resin and 2/3 oil into a mason jar with the lid on so the volatile oils don't escape and then I place it in a water bath (double-boiler) for up to 3hours on a slow simmer.  


A double boiler is easy to make.  In the pot, I have a vegetable steamer for the mason jar to sit on, so it's not directly touching the bottom of the pan.  You could also place a metal rack of some sort in the bottom, as long as you jar is not touching the bottom as it gets too hot.

In terms of how much water you put in your double boiler, you need to ensure it comes up as far as your ingredients in the jar, so everything is heated consistently.  As it boils, the water will evaporate, so you need to keep an eye on it and refill it will boiling water from the jug so it doesn't boil dry.


A certain amount of resin will dissolve into the oil and you will be left with resin in the bottom as well.  You can check on the colour of the oil to see how much it has changed and also very carefully take the lid off with a towel to smell it.  It should smell strongly of your resin.

Once you are satisfied it is finished, it is best filtered when hot.  You can use a coffee filter paper over a pyrex jug or a metal coffee filter.  If using a paper filter, know that it may take a few hours to filter and sometimes you will need to change the paper as it will get clogged. Metal filters are a good idea here.

Voila!  You now have your very own Frankincense infused oil that you can make into salves and creams.


What products do I use my special Frankincense infused oil in?:  

  • Frankincense Moisturiser.  Click HERE for more information on my awesome moisturiser I use every day!