Hi, I'm Nicola

and I'm a Herb nerd....

Having always gravitated to herbs and concocting my own simple and unadulterated skincare products in my kitchen, I was often asked what my secret was because I looked younger than I was and my skin was great for my age.

I had been using my own skincare for around 20years, had studied Western Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine and thought, 'Why don't I create a business from my passion for herbs?'  I could also help others by doing so.

So I enrolled in yet another course (studying is my obvious addiction):  Diploma of Organic Skincare Formulating and began to pull all my knowledge together of ancient Chinese Medicinal herbs and Western Herbal Medicine to create my range of Artisan Holistic Herbal Skincare.  Thus, Holistic Herbal was born.

Nicola x

MASc (Chinese Herbal Medicine)
BHSc (Western Herbal Medicine), AHPRA, NHAA, AACMA

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