Welcome to Holistic Herbal.  Boutique hand-crafted herbal products made in small batches, formulated by a Western Medical Herbalist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner. Made using natural and organic ingredients with simplicity in mind.  Keeping it simple means less impact on the body, the environment and your hip pocket, without compromising quality.  Holistic Herbal aims to bring in the rituals of self care and nurturing, to allow one to find peace within themselves, by taking time out from the stressors of the every day.  When we find peace within, we find peace without.

Latest Products

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Body Balms

Herb infused solid body balms to nourish and pamper your skin.


Herbal Tea

Specialty teas in glass, eco-friendly containers.



Try before you buy!  10ml samples of each of the Primer and Moisturiser.

'I was lucky enough to sample the primer,after mentioning that i constantly break out using store bought ones!  I was pleasantly surprised!  My skin felt soft to touch, tight and my pores have definately shrunk after only 3 uses..and my make up looks great on top.  It smells amazing and is so natural, but best of all i havn't broken out and my skin actually looks and feels better than before.  I love this product!' - Stevie

'I’m absolutely loving the primer, cream is so hydrating for my sensitive skin. I find it difficult finding products that don’t react to my skin or dry it out. I would highly recommend this product! Love it' - Tracy


Discover the many benefits Frankincense has to offer.  This amazing resin has been used for centuries for good reason....



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